Everyone Needs
A Coach


Transformational Leadership Coaching (TLC) and Corporate Training

Self Search provides tailored, all-encompassing coaching for executives from the ages of 40 to 65, whether they are male or female.

Through our coaching, we create a container of trust and intimacy to support our clients in identifying and breaking through their inner barriers that keep them stuck and unable to shift from their current reality to their preferred future, creating pathways for success, impact, and fulfillment.


The Career Development Center

An essential element in everyone’s lifecycle is their career development. Often, we encounter challenges while navigating our way through school and finding a career that we genuinely enjoy.  At the Hive Career Development Centre, we help you develop career management skills preparing you for the challenges of the changing world. Through self-awareness assessments, we help you explore and research an array of career options; particularly options you may have never heard of.